Booking with a top models escort agency

Booking with a top models escort agency


Hey guys! I noticed that there are plenty of nice guides about how to book with a top models escort agency and they’ve really helped me so far. However, through my experiences, I’ve noticed some other things that I couldn’t really find on this site. Today, I’d like to make my own little contribution and give you a few more tips about booking with such an agency. If you read on, you will see that I am very thorough during the booking process and it has helped me have nothing but great and memorable experiences.

Booking the right ladies with top models escort agencies


As you should already know, when you book a top models escort, it is of paramount importance that she is the RIGHT girl FOR YOU. The fact that she has many great reviews means close to nothing if you are not compatible with her. For example, 5 clients might think she’s the best ever, but you might not like the way her ring finger is longer than her index (stupid example I know, but bear with me) and that might destroy your entire experience. Or, she might fancy Arsenal and you’re a Spurs fan, so you’ll spend the entire night arguing about it. This really happened to me with a woman once, but she wasn’t escort.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that you need to be extremely thorough during the booking process. First of all, I like to be flexible with booking times. Whenever a model takes my fancy, I want to meet her and only her (possibly accompanied by one of her escort friends), so I have to make sure that we’re both free at the same time. Next, I ask the agency if they have a process that determines compatibility. If they do, I take it every time. And even if I really like the girl, I never book her unless we are highly compatible. But that’s not all. After that, I like to talk a bit with the escort on the phone and get a feel for her. If she doesn’t sound right, I don’t go through with the booking and look for another. So far, doing these things have helped book only the best with top models escort agencies.

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